"Words may be twisted, memories may fail, but the ink on paper remains indelible and unfading for a long period of time. Oral evidence is persuasive because it lives and moves. Documentary evidence is decisive because it is unchangeable."

Private Investigators/Detectives - Under-estimated and Under-used ? A simple, yet comprehensive definition of a private investigator is ' an individual who either runs or is employed by a business which provides investigative services for a fee'. However contrary to popular belief the army of 'love-tug' detectives who pry into the private lives of respectable citizens and relax in grungy offices are going fast. Sad in a way some might say as it makes for good TV and films. However professional investigators should not rely on modern technology alone and some of the long established "gumshoe" skills along with lateral thinking are still essential qualities in the modern investigator. Our agency is on target to meet all new regulations and be fully compliant both in the UK and throughout Europe.

Paralegal Service - we are qualified through education and training to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures and who is not a qualified solicitor or barrister. Paralegals may work for, or be retained by solicitors within the legal profession or they may work within a legal environment within commerce, industry or the public sector. Our Directors hold recognised European Qualifications to degree level, have a vast amount of international experience and can legally operate in European countries unlike many UK investigators.

PI-SIA Process Servers are well equipped to handle all process serving instructions within Portsmouth and surrounding areas from Solicitors, Local Authorities, Insurance Firms, Private Individuals and Companies. We operate a fixed fee process serving facility within the limits of Portsea Island which includes all mileage, out of hours attendances and administration. The PRICE agreed prior to instruction is the price you will pay. We offer an exemplary service that is cost effective and realistic and results in repeat instructions from our clients. All supporting documents are completed in accordance with the current CPR guidelines. Our local Process Server regularly serve the following documents: Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding Up Petitions, Court Orders, Divorce Papers, Family Papers, Claims Forms, Injunctions to name but a few - anything not listed please ring

To compliment our Portsmouth & Hampshire Process Serving facility we also provide International investigations and process serving specialising in Africa . France and Spain.

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